Amazon Documentaries Are Rizqi

51 | May 5, 2019

Hosted by: Jeff Peterson, Alain León


Alain and Jeff interview Calvin Tran, director of the Amazon documentary “Rizqi Presents: Blockchain.” In today’s episode we discuss:
– A lot of people still think cryptocurrency and blockchain are the same thing (why haven’t people gotten this by now?)
– How blockchain can dramatically stimulate developing economies by creating secure systems for real estate and land titles
– How Blockstack, a blockchain name system to replace DNS, aims to create a decentralized internet
– How alternative social networks end up getting filled with trolls and worse
– It is uncertain how well decentralized companies will compete against centralized organizations due to different incentive structures
– Blockchain gives us an option to directly control our money, but due complexity, people will usually default to using 3rd party systems.
– Putting your genome on the blockchain
– How to publish a documentary on Amazon
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