Blockchain Media and Tech Reporting — Why Words Matter

31 | Octuber 25, 2018

Hosted by: Ari Zoldan


Today we discuss everything from the tech scene in Russia and intermittent fasting, to entrepreneurship and fake Amazon product reviews. We wax about how little changes in wording makes a big difference in public perception and how general public perception of blockchain/crypto is still pretty goofy.

Ari believes the general media has very little clue what’s happening in the blockchain world (many interviews still begin with ‘but isn’t bitcoin just used for drugs and crime?’) Ari also turns the tables and interviews Alain and Jeff! Ari Zoldan is CEO and founder of Quantum media, which consults businesses on media information and entertainment a regular guest expert guest on Fox News, CNN and NBC.

Ari has accompanied president Obama on the ground in the West Bank and has press passes to Capitol Hill and the UN. Ari was one of the few influencers IBM has selected to be an IBM futurist (it’s a big deal).

Interview by: Jeff Peterson & Alain León

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