Getting exponential under the archway

39 | January 15, 2019

Hosted by: Dang Du, Brian Dixon


In this episode we speak with business and blockchain expert Brian Dixon, who is CEO of Off the Chain Capital, a company that manages blockchain assets portfolios. Brian is also COO of Capital Innovators, which is a tech accelerator helps startups being their ideas to market (invests in energy, consumer products, and tech). Brian has written two books on crypto: “Bitcoin Basics 101,” which breaks down blockchain into laymen terms, and “Blockparty on the Blockchain,” which is about the promising startups the blockchain space (and VCs investing into them) and Brian’s predictions on where the blockchain space is going in the future.
In this episode Dang and Brian discuss:
– Using blockchain to keep track of data flow to make for easy auditing,
– Smart contracts creating new business models for energy companies, and
– How people who have never had bank accounts can have access to financial services through cryptocurrency on their phone
– Using blockchain to keep track of livestock in rural Africa
Interview and show notes by: Dang Du
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