Into the Crypto Trenches, Adrian Baschuk

43 | March 4, 2019

Hosted by: Jeff Peterson, Alain León


Adrian Baschuk is a documentary filmmaker, award winning journalist and producer. His reporting career took him from Miami to various developing countries and conflict regions. Baschuk has previously reported from North Korea, disguised as a businessman. He shares with us how his media experience in rough terrains, coupled with a rebel spirit, preps him well in his production work for CNBC Crypto Trader.

Our interview with Baschuk covers:
-betting on tech builders, not crypto prices
-witnessing Latin American economic crises informs his view on finance
-staying true to the spirit of Bitcoin to empower and foster financial inclusion and access
-producing top notch crypto media coverage
-sneaking a camera into N. Korea under a bag of fruits

Interview by: Jeff Peterson, Alain leon
Show notes by: Dang Du

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