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37 | December 17, 2018

Hosted by: Dang Du, Coco Liu


News media and role of the free press face many headwinds in the digital era. When tech empires Facebook and Google upend the economic model of traditional news outlets, can they turn to blockchain to bring new life to the declining news market? Dan Kinsley, head of tech at Civil, shares how the team of tech nerds and news wonks plan to launch a network of newsrooms for the people and governed by the community.

In today’s episode we cover:
-What’s causing the rapid decline of traditional news
-Spurring a new economy for ethical journalism much like the organic food movement
-Struggles and rewards of getting society to use bleeding edge tech and new economic models
-Why he’s fired up about restoring the vital role of news in an open society



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Disclosure: A Bit Cryptic is an independent newsroom running on the Civil network. You can check out the list of newsrooms on Civil’s registry at ¬†Civil does not have editorial influence on the newsrooms in its network.

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