See You in Switzerland

36 | December 16, 2018

Hosted by: Jeff Peterson, Alexandra Karpova


New York based Alexandra Karpova is Founder and CEO of Crypto PR Lab&Advisory, a boutique PR and advisory agency focused on blockchain startups. She is also a venture partner at Andra Capital, a tokenized late-stage technology growth fund with its “Silicon Valley Coin”, a regulatory compliant and asset-backed security token. Her company also takes companies to the hyper-exclusive World Economic Forum in Davos every year.

In today’s episode we discuss:
-What the elusive World Economic forum is all about
-What a crypto PR agency actually does
-How blockchain is going to dramatically change mergers and acquisitions of companies, and change deal-making in general.
-How the ICO craze was great for fundraising for companies, but also for scams
-Why we should stay optimistic despite the current crypto prices


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