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How to go from idea to token

In our bonus podcast, we spoke with Erik Mendelson, CEO and Co-Founder of RecordGram & TUNE. With him is Robin Lam, Co-founder of BlokTalks, the largest cryptocurrency event company in South Florida. Erik, our star guest, sheds light on how to move an idea to a token launch (i.e. Initial Coin Offering).   Follow A Bit Cryptic Podcast: Donation addresses: BTC: 1CsrHFn1VCpjofxRKxw1DQKGVURSxr8yWb ETH: 0xe612032F9AE393017141A5CBA6DFC00428B82cE6 LTC: MMPb9PpgdJvnXaXYynXQ728e4GNtyHGAbu If you like what you heard, please leave us a 5-star review and share the podcast!

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