The Crypto Chick, Rachel Wolfson

45 | March 31, 2019

Hosted by: Jeff Peterson, Dang Du


After Basel Art Miami, we feature Rachel Wolfson, 10 year tech journalist, host of The Crypto Chick podcast show and Forbes contributor. Rachel has a knack for spotting tech and social movements. She shares with us the following:

– why we’re seeing more real world blockchain solutions this year and why that matters for adoption

-her recent interesting coverage: IBM partnering with Walmart on supply chain traceability; Propy making real estate property deals using smart contracts in a decentralized way; and Ripple funding university research programs to build the next generation of professionals and thought leaders.

-the criteria for breaking news: avoid market prices and fundraising hype, focus on areas that are using the tech in impactful and innovative ways.

-some badass women in crypto

-how to endure a 5 hour writing work session

TheCryptoChick podcast
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